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A Pause

So, there was snow. A LOT of snow. It was pretty awesome, really. It snowed and it snowed, and then it snowed some more. The kids in the neighborhood have been playing non-stop. The girls created a sled track that starts at our front door, goes down the steps, across the sidewalk, down a little hill, and ends at the neighbor's brick wall. Naturally, everyone wants to try it. I don't watch, because really, the whole thing is just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

All the plows came and pushed an extra 2 feet of snow (on top of the 2 feet already there) behind all the parked cars around here. Able-bodied teens, therefore, are in high demand. Brian netted a cool $160 over the past 2 days, simply by wielding his snow shovel. By the end of all this, we expect to find him dressed like the guy from the Monopoly game, holding wads of cash and strolling around the house smoking expensive cigars.

I got out there and shoveled, also. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. But, hey, exercise! Larry was of…

Be Prepared. Or Not. Whatever.

We're hunkering down, people. Blizzard of the century and all that, but what was really epic was the fact that folks around here have been mobbing stores and gas stations since Wednesday. Actually, earlier, because I tried to buy a snow shovel at Home Depot on Wednesday, and the salesguy just laughed at me when I asked where they were. "GONE," he said. "They're all gone."

Oh, well, I thought. The grocery stores have them. So the girls and I went back to the car and drove to Harris Teeter. Where we couldn't park, because there were so many people prepping for the blizzard. We drove to Target. The shovel aisle was empty. We drove to KMart, which had a sign on the front door saying, "We Have No Snow Shovels."

This was Wednesday. I gave up on prepping for the blizzard and went home. Maybe tomorrow, I thought, as I scrolled through a Facebook newsfeed replete with photos of empty shelves at Trader Joe's and Safeway. Everyone else is shopping tod…

Choice Is Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

"Everyone who comments on my blog is telling me to get a Shark Navigator vacuum," I told a friend last week.
"I have one, too! It's great," she said. "But get the Lift-Away model - it turns it into a canister vacuum."
Well, that settled it. I knew which model to get and everything. I marched myself over to Target, confident for once that I could accomplish an appliance purchase with little effort. No agonizing for 2 years, like we did with the dishwasher. No multiple marriage-wrecking visits to Best Buy, the way we did when looking for stoves. Nope - I was just going to walk right into that store, select a box that had "Shark Navigator LiftAway" printed on it, and sashay up to the cash register with my Red Card in hand.
Folks, there are a LOT of Shark Navigator LiftAway models, all with lots of different parts. There was the professional model, and there was the LX model, and I don't know what all. I stood in front of that vacuum cleaner…

Is Nothing Safe?

You know, I don't receive many comments on this here blog anymore (thanks a lot, Facebook), but one thing hasn't changed: the ones I do get are invariably positive, helpful even. Which is why it doesn't surprise me that AlisonH, upon reading that I had borrowed a neighbor's vacuum cleaner in order to clean up for our New Years party, felt compelled to share the following cautionary tale:

I borrowed a vacuum cleaner exactly once. Used it in the master bedroom, set it still a few hours, came find carpet beetles crawling out from underneath its beater bar. Yes its owner had wool wall-to-wall. No she didn't know what carpet beetles look like. She thought they were ladybugs telling off-color jokes.
Thanks, AlisonH. That triggered my bug phobias quite nicely. Heading out NOW to find a vacuum cleaner I can call my own....

[Vacuum cleaner image: Clipart Panda]

Resolution-Free Post

The last week of December turned into Hell Week, what with having to get the house ready for our annual neighborhood party on New Year's Day. I cleaned up all the junk that accumulated in the corners of our dining room and on the dining room hutch. I wiped down baseboards, picture frames, and switchplates. I kept tossing things into my bedroom for storage, until I had to climb over storage bins just to get to my bed. And THEN I tackled the family room in the basement.

Now, the basement (where all the toys, books, etc., are) had been neglected for months. I mean, it was so overwhelming, I just gave up. There was an extra file cabinet in the way, and Larry's rowing machine (which I had moved out of the guest room down there) and TOO MANY BOOKS. Also, an electronic piano no one uses because it is shoved behind the extra file cabinet and a TV area covered in loose DVDs and remotes for I know not what.

I remember when we owned one VCR tape. ONE. And we were HAPPY.
Anyway, I borrow…