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This, That, And The Other Thing

Too sleepy to write much more than a quick update tonight.  Larry has the insulation up, so the front hall doesn't look haunted anymore. Did my taxes and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Went out without a coat today. I hear Easter and Passover are coming, but I haven't done a darn thing about either of them yet.

Our handyman went missing this morning, and I wondered if he had maybe dropped dead (he's a smoker, so I was thinking some sort of coronary event) and how would we ever find out? More importantly, who would put up our drywall? He showed up sometime in the afternoon, however, and promised to come tomorrow. So, no one's dead and I still get my walls put up.  That's a win/win, if you ask me.

Also, know that if you are ever supposed to visit or otherwise get in touch with me and then don't, it takes me only an hour or two to start imagining your unfortunate demise.  Anyone else jump to the worst-case scenario like that?

David just informed me…

More Photographic Evidence Of Spousal Insanity

Pictures of Larry's latest insulation project, wherein he tore out my kitchen wall, my front hallway wall, AND my pantry:

Doesn't that look lovely? And now the whole neighborhood can look in on us until the project is completed, because the plantation shutters that normally cover those windows are stacked in my living room.

Above is our front hall.  Welcoming vibe, isn't it?  I mean, in an Addams Family sort of way... it totally looks haunted.  Coming down the stairs at night is a very creepy experience.

And there is/was my pantry. We tore out the pantry because we hadn't had a door on it for at least 5 years and we finally decided that, hey, maybe we should buy a door.  We're nothing if not problem solvers. Then the handyman came up with the idea of widening the pantry a bit before we ordered a door, so that we could actually fit the broom in it (because, up to now, we just shoved the broom in the corner between the pantry and the hutch, whence it would invariably…

Sing It, Joni

Hello! I'm still here! Recovering from Mulch Weekend and all that, you know.  In fact, I woke up Monday morning and lay in bed a few extra moments (oh, all right, an extra half hour), luxuriating in the thought that I had a peaceful week ahead, with time to focus on the children's schoolwork, maybe clean up the house, etc.  Oh, lovely thought!

And then I went downstairs, where I found Larry and the handyman discussing when exactly to tear out the front wall of our kitchen.  Yes, folks, my spouse is at it again.

So I was up late Monday night (well, into the wee hours of Tuesday morning, actually), preparing for Larry's next fit of destruction by emptying our kitchen hutch of 14 years worth of leftover craft materials, photo albums, CD's, and cookbooks.  Then I had to relocate what wasn't thrown away PLUS the myriad other piles of kitchen crap that kept jumping out at me every time I turned around.  Oh, and did I mention I also had to empty the pantry? It was a daunt…

Enslaved By Boy Scouts

It's Mulch Delivery Day.  I was forced to get up at 6 AM, which is almost physically painful for me, because it is still dark at that hour.  Lest you look down on me for my weakness, please consider that I spent 18 years or so being woken up every single night by one child or another, often more than once, while still rising out of bed bright-eyed and optimistic by 7,  at the latest.

In other words, I am DONE.

So, Mulch Day.  We were up and out by 7, setting up the food tent, feeding breakfast to some very cold Scouts, generally getting things organized.  Then I sped off to yoga, where I hurried up and relaxed for an hour and a half, before picking up my 2 neglected girls at home so we could head off to help at Mulch again, where Larry (the Mulch Czar, remember?) assigned me to play traffic cop.

My job involved preventing people from parking in the parking lot we had rented, no small feat considering there was a huge Tae Kwon Do exhibition going on at the high school and approxim…

Lesson Learned

A few months ago, I was feeling nostalgic for my younger days, when my friends and I would sit around the barracks and play cribbage to while away the time.  Remember, this was in the dark ages, before anyone even knew what the Internet was and hardly anyone had a screen of his/her own.  I think we sang along to The Traveling Wilbury's as we played.  So, yeah, a LONG time ago...

Anyway, I located a cheap cribbage board and, having managed to decipher the instructions, convinced Susie (who likes to play games, unlike most of her siblings, who unfortunately take after Larry in this regard) to play with me.  Susie took to the game like a fish to water, displaying a surprising facility for counting hands and computing odds.  I played with her any chance I got, And maths.

We upgraded at Christmas to an honest-to-goodness professional board, complete with unbreakable metal pegs and a sliding top that hid a storage compartment for the cards and such.  A beau…

Feeling Green

Still alive, just too busy to write. And believe me, THAT'S busy. I'm telling you, this being-an-adult gig is for the birds. I am just keeping my eyes fixed on this coming Monday, when I can go back to my customary lackadaisical approach to life.

Well, except for that taxes thing - I'll still have to take care of that.

Anywhoo, St. Patrick's Day has passed unmarked here this year. Due to the unfortunate corned-beef-and-cabbage barfing incident of 2014, no one seems to want to ingest our traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner ever again.

Oh, wow, I went to link to a post about that night a year ago when I stayed up to watch Brian repeatedly deposit regurgitated corn beef into our barf bucket, and I realized that I have never regaled you with that particular tale. I know you're disappointed.

Oh, well, never mind. Be sure to enjoy those St. Patrick's Day leftovers tomorrow, though! Yum.

Peter Pan May Have Had The Right Idea

Life is getting the better of  me the last two days and sapping my blogging energy, as it were.  Oh, nothing dramatic, no fear - just a zillion and one smaller things.  I am being pecked to death by ducks, essentially.  But I needed to pop in to let you know that Larry has finally caught the mouse (or, at least, a mouse).  The trap that disappeared a few nights ago is still missing, however, so the mystery continues.  Larry theorizes that there is still a dead mouse lying somewhere under our kitchen cabinets.  I'm sure the smell will start during Mulch Weekend, when we have zero time to do anything about it.

But hey, at least we'll have hot water this year - there's that.

Yes, one of the zillion and one things coming up is the Boy Scout troop's Mulch Delivery Weekend, which situation is just as bad as last year - Larry in charge of mulch, myself in charge of food, neither of us talking to the other in the interest of preserving our marriage past the next 10 days. It&#…

Bargaining Points

Still haven't found that darn mouse, in case you are wondering. Larry theorizes that it went under the kitchen cabinets to die. I might just demand a whole new kitchen at this point.

In the meantime, that horrid event known as Daylight Saving Time happened. I've been getting up an hour late ever since because why not? It's not as if I'm ruining my illustrious career as a stay-at-home mom and unpaid blogger to do so.

So the problem, actually, is my crappy cheap phone. I noticed midday Sunday that it hadn't automatically reset. So I figured out (okay, someone helped me, but I was the one who pushed all  the buttons) how to move the clock on my phone ahead one hour, and then I forgot all about it. Until a couple of hours later, when this message popped up on my phone screen: Time change detected. Reset your phone? with a Yes and a No option.

Well, that would have been helpful, several hours ago, I thought, and pressed No.

A few hours later it happened again.  And then…


I had just settled in on the couch last night for a cozy evening with Words With Friends (because we middle-aged folks are all about the exciting life here), when I spotted a mouse wander nonchalantly into my living room.  Seriously, he was all, "Hey, what's up, guys?" until my screams sent him scurrying back into the kitchen as fast as his little mouse feet could carry him.

Larry came running downstairs with an empty laundry basket ("I thought it was a bat," he explained, because apparently my spouse is nothing if not a one-man rodent SWAT team); so I left Larry looking for the creature and went to bed early.  He came upstairs a short time later.

"Did you find him?" I asked.

"No. But I set 4 mousetraps,' he said, with the resoluteness of an astronaut just back from a tricky spacewalk. "We'll get'm."

My hero.  I mean, that's downright sexy, isn't it?

Naturally, I let Larry go downstairs first this morning, while I pro…

In Which I Live Another Day

Okay, this cold is officially beating me.  Forget those March resolutions to take walks and do core exercises, I'm winded just from walking up the stairs.  To make it worse, I'll get these brief bursts of energy and think that I am capable, say, of shoveling the front walk, only to crawl back inside after 15 minutes and lie on the couch for an hour.  Fun.

And, yes, I AM aware that this is the third day in a row of complaining about my tiny little cold. That's because this is the third day in a row of its kicking my butt.  And, lest you are getting the impression that the only person I think about lately is my own self, I'll have you know I shared the remains of my homemade matzo ball soup with a neighbor who is getting over the flu.  I'm a gosh-darned saint, I tell you, feeding the sick with my own dying hands.

I drove to the grocery store today, because we had 6 ripe avocados and NO GARLIC, and - as I am sure you know - ripe avocados wait for no man.  The roads an…


It's snowing here, enough for the local schools to close down. There are 4 teens in my dining room, playing Texas Hold 'Em. There are 5 more kids in the kitchen, making hamantaschen, drinking hot cocoa, and eating popcorn. Last I checked, I only birthed 6 kids, and 2 of those don't even live here anymore.  So...where does that leave me?  5 extra kids?  I can't figure it out.

Me? I'm experiencing the miserable part of my cold, sitting on the couch, hugging my box of Kleenex, and sucking on Ricola throat drops.  Very attractive.  Larry is sitting opposite me, trying to pretend that I still look like the girl he married while he messes around with his new Internet radio.  He has tried to explain this device to me, but every time he starts throwing around words like "Bluetooth capability" and "wireless speakers," I feel like that dog in the Far Side cartoon - you know, the one whose owner is talking and all the dog hears is "Blah, blah, blah, G…

Overcome By The Vapors

Down for the count here - just a minor cold/sore throat thing, but the type that makes one want a fainting couch and a maidservant to put cool compresses on one's forehead.  Also? The type of ailment that makes one speak of oneself in the third person, apparently.

Must. Stop. Now.

So! Still no stomach ailment, thanks to our family talisman, so I'm grateful for that.  I skipped my core exercises this morning (see above, re fainting couch), but I'm dressed and showered, so I don't have to rock that homeless woman vibe while driving David to the bus for school. I can't picture eating anything green, though.  I made myself some homemade chicken soup yesterday (don't be too impressed, it was from the carcass of a Costco rotisserie chicken), but now I'm too tired to strain the broth and make the matzo balls.  If I had been a pioneer, I would have starved to death the first hard winter.

I don't like chicken soup without matzo balls.  It's a Jewish thing.


Be It Hereby Resolved - March

I CANNOT BELIEVE that the slowest part of the year is already over.  As far as I'm concerned, we're about 3 days away from Christmas, the way time flies around here.

Remember February?  You know, when I was a full month younger and more optimistic and rashly resolved to go to bed at 11 (ish), do my 10 minutes of Kathy Smith core exercises each day (except yoga class days), and eat something green (that, uh, HASN'T gone bad) each day, also?

We aim high around here, don't we?

People, I ended up dubbing February the Month of the Costco Kale Salad.  I ate a lot of that stuff, folks. A LOT.  With buttered broccoli thrown in here and there, for variety.  I feel very healthy.  RIDICULOUSLY healthy. So I will try to keep that up for March.  Even though my jaw hurts from chewing.

 I slipped quite a bit on the bedtime thing this month, but I still got more sleep than when I wasn't aiming for 11 at all (meaning, I was no longer pretending that, hey, it's already midnight, …