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Orange You Glad?

The girls' room is looking a teeny bit better (i.e., less glowing) with a second coat of paint.  So today our long-suffering handyman painted the bathroom.  You know, the one I had made several trips to Home Depot to pick out the color for, the one where Larry and I had painted umpteen stripes of different paints so that we could select just the right shade.  I was aiming for a sort of burnt orange - the kind that goes well with browns and sage greens and dusky purples.  Something, you know, grown up.

It turned out bright orange.  Jack-o-Lantern bright.  Blindingly bright.

"Don't worry," said the handyman. "Let's see how the second coat looks; if you don't like it, you can go back and get a different color."

At which point my head sort of exploded, because it should be fairly obvious by now that I am incapable of selecting the proper paint.  I mean, he saw all those little containers of paint samples we had tried on the walls already.  I would have …


I miss you all when I don't write.  It's just so damn busy around here - not exciting busy, though. More like hamster wheel busy.  Whack -a- Mole busy.  You know what I mean?

Larry's ongoing project to totally gut our house is proceeding apace.  He actually waved the white flag and allowed me to pay the handyman to paint the girls' new walls, a job that Larry up until now had always insisted on doing himself.  We made our usual mistake and chose a color that is so blindingly bright that I doubt anyone will be able to sleep in there.  Glidden's Thai Teal, for those of you who want to know.  It looks so darn innocent on that paint card.  I'm telling you, it GLOWS, as though it were a radioactive substance.

Larry's also allowing the handyman to paint our main bathroom, mostly because all the paint was peeling off the back of the door and mold was starting to grow on the shower ceiling.  Initially, the girls and I chose Egyptian Sun, which I thought would be a…

Because Ticks and Mosquitoes Aren't Enough

Here's the latest insect plague to come to my attention. Chiggers, anyone?  They sound delightful.  And this article was particularly descriptive:

During a chigger bite, the chigger’s mouth parts inject saliva into the skin that contains a digestive enzyme which causes skin cells to rupture and turn to liquid.  The skin is partially digested even before it enters the chigger’s body.  The chigger then drinks the dissolved, digested skin tissue.
Dissolved, digested skin tissue?  Nice.  Oh, and I love the advice for avoiding this creature:

Wear tall boots, three pairs of socks, and long pants.  Tuck the bottom of the pants under the top layer of socks and spray the pants, socks, and boots with Deet
You know, I do try to maintain some sort of fashion sense, even as I am heading into my 50's and beyond.  And somehow, I don't think the above sartorial recommendations fill the bill.  Not to mention that wearing 3 pairs of socks and long pants in 80-something-degree weather is lik…

Alone Again, Naturally...

Our school year schedule is in full swing now, but we are still busy adjusting to the rigors of making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.  This was the first week of CCD, which - as it occurs on Monday nights - has almost pushed our mad logistical abilities over the edge.  Let's see...the girls to the church at 6:45, Brian to Boy Scouts (different church) at 7:30, girls picked up from CCD at 8:00, Boy Scouts done at 9, and oh yes, there is still David to be picked up from our local community college at 9:20.  Lord help us when it happens to be a Bunko night, too.

Still, where there is a will, there's a way, which meant that Larry and I found ourselves, at 7:15 this evening, ALL ALONE IN OUR OWN HOUSE (Brian had walked to Boy Scouts).  I said to him, "When is the last time this happened?"  And he, after a moment's thought, said, "Never."

Never. Never, in almost 24 years.

We both let that sink in for a moment. We could do that, because…

No Avoiding Destiny

Theo stopped by for a day on his way back from 2 weeks of leave, weeks that he chose to spend touring the more popular spots in Jordan and Israel - you know, Petra, Wadi Rum, Eilat, the Dead Sea, Masada, Jerusalem.

Excuse me for a minute while I kvell over my eldest's excellent taste in vacation options.  I mean, really - he's 23.  Shouldn't he be lolling on a beach or getting drunk in a pub somewhere?

So he had a one-day layover here and he brought everyone souvenirs from the Middle East.  Those are in addition to the ones he had already brought back from his 2 trips to Morocco and the one trip to Tunisia (yes, Theo IS well-traveled and I AM jealous).  What with all this globe-trotting of his, I now have a fine collection of miniature camels, in leather and metal and wood. Camels standing, camels kneeling, camels that double as earring holders.

And there, my friends, is the rub.  I have observed over the past few decades that people who are drawn to collecting a certain …

Playing At Being An Extrovert

I stepped out of my comfort zone AGAIN yesterday evening by going to a book signing/meet the author event at a bookstore not too ridiculously far away from my home.  It involved driving in rush hour to an unfamiliar place; and finding parking in a parking garage (I hates parking garages); and then sitting next to lots of people I don't know and trying to look as though I DO have friends, just none of them could make it out this evening.

I explained to Larry that I wanted to go because the featured author was a local blogger I follow, and he asked, "What does she sign?"

And I said, "What?" because, seriously, we've been married 24 years and I swear we do not ever speak the same language.  Misunderstandings R Us.

And he said, "What does she sign? An IPad?"

And I said, "What?" again, because - apparently - that's how we roll.

And Larry said, "You said it was a Meet-the-Author thing and she is a blogger. So WHAT does she sign?&quo…

Hug Your Loved Ones Day

May God grant peace to those who suffered loss 13 years ago today.

Grossed Out

You know, I'm trying to figure out how many more years I have until I can eat a meal without one of my kids losing a tooth in the middle of it.  I am probably THE most squeamish person in the world, and there's nothing like a child waving around a tooth and bleeding from her gum to really put me off my feed.

Which could explain why I am not working in the field of dentistry, I guess...

So, yes, 12-year-old Rachel lost 2 (2!) teeth today, and how old are they before they stop doing this, anyway?  I should know, seeing as how I have 4 children older than her; but it's all a blur, really.  I don't remember the other kids losing any teeth after age 7 or 8 or so.  Or maybe I've just blocked it all out.

And, yes, the tooth fairy IS still paying them only a quarter.  Old habits die hard, you know.

Feel Free To Clap Along

This, my friends, is my latest Internet addiction.  I cannot stop watching it.

Well, except for Bunko - I stopped watching so I could go to Bunko this evening.  So do me a favor and tell me what is so appealing about it.  Is it the a capella singing?  The youthful sound of the song? The clapping rhythm?

Or maybe you hate it.  You can tell me that, too.

Cheap Tricks

Since Larry ripped out all the closet fixtures in the girls' room, I decided I had earned the right to visit the Container Store - you know, to see what it offers in the way of closet organizers. Yes, I have complained previously in these pages about the exorbitant prices charged by this store and how stupid it is to pay that sort of money just to organize a closet.  But, hey, I can let bygones be bygones, right?  And, having seen just how much stuff we were shoving in those closets, I figured I needed to get a handle on it once we put the room back together.

Also? I'm still mad at my perfectionistic spouse for insisting on insulating the closets in the first place.  Really, Larry?  Really?

So I went.  I saw.  I gasped.  And then I left.  Turns out, I am constitutionally unable to spend that sort of money on wire shelves and baskets.  I KNOW I can do this cheaper. Somehow...

So tell me - any of you know of cheap closet organizing alternatives?  That actually work?

[Closet image…

I Tried. I Really Tried.

I haven't posted because, now that it is September and back-to-school and all that, I have been trying to stay on top of things and focus on the things that are important (which - surprise, surprise - don't seem to include Facebook and blogging).  For a WHOLE WEEK I did that and (of course) was priding myself on accomplishing my goals, until I was repeatedly smacked in the face for the past 24 hours with things that I had apparently still dropped the ball on.

So I had to go beg forgiveness and grovel at the church office this morning to make sure Brian could go on the mandatory field trip for Confirmation candidates.  You see, when the office sent out the notice and the permission slip at the beginning of August, I promptly printed it out, filled it in, and placed it in my purse so that I could deliver it posthaste to the proper authorities.

My purse.  Which is where I found it yesterday, crumpled at the bottom.  Strike one.

And all those uniform items I ordered earlier this …