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I Believe In Science

And why wouldn't I?  Feast your eyes on the latest scientific finding, courtesy of the New York Times:


Here's the money quote: "By many measures, consumption of chocolate was linked to lower rates of stroke, coronary heart disease, blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions."  Well, I say praise the Lord and pass the Hershey's!  Preferably with almonds...

[Hershey bar image: Hershey's Vending]

No More Dishpan Hands

Exciting news - "Ranson, West Virginia" has just outed herself in Thursday's comments.  Welcome,!  I'd link to her, but she doesn't seem to have a blog.  And yet more exciting news - Larry installed the used dishwasher for me.  It was gifted to me by my recently deceased friend, in a manner of speaking; her daughters had to replace all her appliances in order to sell her house.  I am convinced that this dishwasher will work out, as it turns out that my friend bought it on MY BIRTHDAY back in...oh...the year 2000.

It's not old, it's experienced.  Besides, she didn't use it much - just to drive to church on Sundays...

Never mind that it seems to be creating a puddle when I run it.  I can just mop that up.  The bar, it has been lowered around here, I'll tell ya.  Also exciting?  I used one of those cute little square dishwasher detergent tablets instead of the traditional powder.  What fun!  I never would have tried it, but that's what …

Meteorological Meltdown

Our end of the country is experiencing a weather geek's dream - earthquake, tornadoes, flash floods, hurricane - it just doesn't stop coming.  The most entertaining part of all this are the comments on the Capital Weather Gang's Facebook page, comments like this one: "ECMWF is a good global model but is not necessarily the best for fine-grained hurricane tracks. I'd be looking at GFDL. HWRF is explicitly designed for this but their choice to stick with NMM core is 'interesting'." 

Those are the COMMENTERS, mind you, not the actual Capital Weather Gang professionals.  Weather geeks take things VERY seriously, apparently.

So I'm off to check on flashlights, batteries, water, etc.  I am fairly sure I won't find any of those items in our house, even though Larry and I have bought approximately umpteen thousand flashlights in the past 2 decades AND I purchase all sorts of batteries every single month at the commissary.  Tomorrow will undoubtedly b…


For The Bloggess's sake, I sure hope God has a sense of humor.

And I'm loving all the advice I'm getting on the camper (in)decision.  But just so you know, it's not a choice between the camper and a dishwasher.  I've just inherited a dishwasher (glory, hallelujah) that I have high hopes for.  That is, if Larry can ever get around to installing the thing - he's been too busy lately strenuously ignoring all the pictures of campers I leave up on the computer screen.

It's late.  That's all for tonight, you delightfully helpful people, you...


Larry and I are vaguely considering a (for us) significant purchase (and no, it's not a dishwasher - why would Larry BUY a dishwasher when he managed to MARRY one?).  A friend brought to our attention a used pop-up camper for sale nearby; and, given that I have recently converted to being a person-who-camps, we're actually discussing it.  Well, I'm discussing it, anyway...

"Look, Larry!  It sleeps 6!" "Midgets?" "And, oh, a little sink!  Isn't that nifty?" "Honey, it's a tent on wheels - no more, no less.  And we have a tent already." "But it's cute!" "$2900 dollars is never cute."

Now, while I doubt that my readership encompasses a large camping demographic, I am nevertheless throwing this question out there: Is a pop-up camper worth the money?  I'm thinking less mud on the sleeping areas, less chance of things getting wet in a storm, and - oh, look - a dinette table to play cards on while we lis…

7 Quick Takes: No Theme This Week

Congratulations to Emily of The Sassy Lime!  She sounds like a person who actually knows how to use a $25 gift card from; so I'm glad that the random number generator picked her to win it.  Emily, send me an email telling me where to mail the card, okay?

Larry and David come home from their Boy Scout trek tomorrow evening - exactly 4 days too late to save me from the angry, rabid bat that was flying around my living room.  Thanks a lot, guys.  But don't worry - I'm saving the clogged toilet in the master bathroom for them.

Gosh, "master bathroom" has such a spacious ring to it, doesn't it?  It's a misnomer, for the room is tiny - as in 7 Dwarfs tiny.  Heaven forbid you want to dry your hair in front of the mirror over the sink - you're forced to choose between constantly knocking your right elbow against the (open) door or squeezing your body against the vanity in order to swing said door shut.  If you choose the latt…

I Blame My Husband

I've mentioned Larry and David are off camping in the wilds of New Mexico, right? So I've been flying solo here and doing a pretty darn good job of it, if I do say so myself.  True, we didn't have Internet all of Monday until I figured out how to fix it (I restarted something-or-other, sort of the modern equivalent of banging on the TV set to make all the lines disappear); and the children haven't exactly been eating healthy.  But we're managing.  And last night, even though there was a late bedtime and then I wasted an hour trying to dig through the crap piled 3 feet high (no joke) on David's desk, I remained responsible enough to head downstairs to the kitchen at 10:30 to do the dinner dishes.  Yes, no goofing off here!

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw something black fly through the living room.   Oh, I thought, there's a bird in the house. 

A black bird...

At night....

And here, dear reader, is where I screamed, made an about-face, and ran ou…

Wherein A Leopard Fails To Change Its Spots

Aeons ago (in blog time), I won a $25 gift card to from Married To My Sugar Daddy.  I was really excited to win it, too.  I thought, "It's about time I paid some attention to this make-up thing.  After all, I'm not getting any younger."

Let's digress here.  I have reached the august age of 48 without ever having worn make-up (aside from that BonneBell lip gloss stuff in 7th grade).  I cannot explain this phenomenon.  I mean, I know I can definitely use some make-up.  Something to accentuate my eyes and my cheekbones, say, in a desperate bid to draw attention away from the sagging lower half of my face....that would be nice.  I opened the catalog that came with the gift card.  Let's see...eye liner?  Mascara?  Some of whatever it is women rub on their cheekbones? 

Picture, if you will, a monkey let loose in an Anthropologie store.  I could make neither heads nor tails of what I was looking at, though I was fascinated by all of it.  I thought about …

7 Quick Takes Friday: Birthday Edition

I managed to break my wooden size 0 Harmony circulars.  This is quite a feat.  I almost wept, having set myself the (slightly unreasonable) goal of finishing a pair of socks in under a month.  Does Knitpicks make emergency deliveries?

Today we celebrated Rachel's birthday - a celebration which necessitated my spending 3 hours in that circle of Hell also known as Chuck E. Cheese.  My good friend accompanied me with her children, and we whiled away the time arguing over whether Chuck is a rat or a mouse.  Please weigh in on this important issue.


Yesterday I searched for the present I had promised Rachel for her 9th birthday - a boxed set of Harry Potter books. Not being a frequent book purchaser, I had no idea that this could be an expensive proposition.  Imagine my surprise to discover that this particular item costs $86 at Barnes and Noble.  Paperback!  Next thing I know, you'll be telling me pay phones cost more than a dime...

"Look," I said t…

Not Your Mother's Beanbag Chair

Just popping in here to say hi  - Rachel is about to turn 9 (and those seasons, they go 'round and 'round...); so I'm tooling all over town today searching for a pretty beanbag chair to make the birthday girl happy.  So far? All I've found is this:

Somehow, it just doesn't feel appropriate...

[Beanbag image: Boing Boing Gadgets]

Public Service Announcement

To the gentleman talking loudly on a headset in Starbucks this evening:

I'm sure that the developmentally disabled janitor whom you chose to instruct on the "quiet" way to move chairs appreciated your lecture on the importance of not disturbing the customers while he cleans up all the food they drop on the floor.  He was too polite, however, to let you know that your interminable phone conversation is WAY more disturbing to the other guests than is his method of mopping.  Also?  He really isn't paid enough to care whether or not he is interrupting your completely inane conversation.  And?  I am finding your graying ponytail and beard to be as pretentious as your voice is grating.

You're welcome.

[PSA image: Baton Rouge Today]

Knitters Heart Miss Manners

Let's hear it for Miss Manners, who has backed me up on my long-held contention that knitting and talking with my husband do not have to be mutually exclusive activities.   In response to a question about the propriety of knitting in church and at other public venues, she informed her dear readers that "There is a centuries-long history of ladies quietly doing needlework while remaining alert to what was going on around them."  

The knitting blogs are abuzz with this official approbation of what we proper ladies have known all along: it is not only okay to knit in public, it is downright traditional to do so.  So back off, you non-knitting muggles!  We have pointy sticks and we know how to use them.

[knitting image:]

7 Quick Takes: The Not-At-BlogHer Edition

Larry took Theo to his new, further-away school this weekend for orientation week, leaving me home alone.  Well, I wish he'd left me home alone.  Actually, I'm here with 5 children, all of whom insist on being fed...

I'm stillnot at BlogHer11.  My fairy godmother must have gotten lost.  Now what do I do with this dratted pumpkin?

I pulled carpool duty for a bunch of teens this evening.  The texting was so loud, I could barely drive.  Now I'm trying to remember what we did in the car as teens - you know, before all this texting technology existed? 

Oh, wait...never mind....

It stopped being too hot here.  Now I have no idea what to complain about.  Birthdays, maybe?  We have 2 of them coming up next week, meaning I need to bake cakes that actually look like something.  I don't have a good track record for that.  Also?  In an unguarded moment, I promised Rachel I would take her to Chuckie Cheese for her special day.  Lord help me...

******** Di…

Cinderella Syndrome

Yup, it's that time of year again.  I'm home and everyone else (it seems) is off having fun, meeting each other and staying up until all hours of the night talking.  They're going to the ball, and I'm sitting home wondering how we managed to spend 3000 dollars over the past 2 days fixing our minivans.  Don't these other bloggers have minivans to repair?

I've always wanted to see San Diego, too.  I hear it's not humid there.  And, unlike last year, I wouldn't have worried about bedbugs  - I would have just wrangled a house guest invitation from JugglingJenn.

But BlogHer did give me a consolation prize this year.  They decided to feature my Camping Survival Tips post this Friday on the BlogHer website.  Yup, that does happen to be the one day a year NO ONE is reading blogs because they are all at BlogHer11. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Now if only they'd give me a free ticket to BlogHer next time.  Because, ladies, 300 dollars?  Ar…